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Welcome to [inFocus] Investing!

A little about me: I’m Justin. I work full time, focus on fitness, family, big on snowboarding, and being outdoors. Alongside of my priorities of a normal life, I found a way to daytrade to fuel my full-time income, including investing strategies for the long term. Let’s go into to why this project was created.

Why trading?

I have been an employee of various jobs since entering the workforce at 15 and always had side hustles in between. I felt no matter how well I did in my job/career, I’d likely always have a limit on income (and time). In 2016 as I learned more about the financial market, I realized this was a skill that wouldn’t pay me based on hours spent, but the quality of effort and skill developed. Having no boss, no commute, and being able to trade remotely were some of the unique benefits that sparked my passion for the financial markets.

As most new traders, I started out losing

When I started trading in 2016, I made every mistake in the book. I had high confidence that I could do well, but quickly realized the market doesn’t care about my self-esteem, my goals, or my money. There were many highs and lows, both financially and emotionally. After consistently losing money, yet having some glimmers of hope with sporadic wins, I decided to take my education seriously by investing in courses, books, and mentorship. Surrounding myself with experienced traders helped me grow the most. I began to understand how professionals think and act, which given me a solid foundation to build my career in trading.


Today I trade both stock options and common shares.  My specialty is intraday trading by finding momentum plays where I can gain 20-100% on the capital risked.  Most of my best trades are scalp plays, which are usually 1-5minutes. I also mix in swing trades (overnight + multi-day/multi-week holds) when the market is trending and in favor of that strategy.

Those who know me, know I have a passion for everything market related. There are always charts to analyze, skills to sharpen and strategies to adjust along with the market.

I want to help others avoid the same pain that took me years to overcome. I’ve checked the box on all the mistakes that can be made along the way. Today, I have a toolkit of developed strategies, mindset hacks and processes based on what works. I plan to share those in detail with anyone willing to put time and effort into learning this incredible skill.

On this site, you will find watchlists, trading tips, and market related videos which I hope will help you become a successful trader.

This is why [In Focus] Investing was created..

[In Focus] Investing was created to help new comers navigate the toughest parts of Wall Street, minimize costly mistakes and shorten the learning curve. I believe meaningful growth happens when we surround ourselves with positive, successful and ambitious people. Our goal is to help traders develop a profitable style that fits their unique personality.

Our team is consistently filtering potential market opportunities via technical analysis, trends, and studying price action. We look forward to seeing you in our Discord trading room!

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